International Music at Wedding Ceremony in Malaga

International wedding music at Frigiliana, Malaga. Costa del Sol.
International wedding music at Frigiliana, Malaga. Costa del Sol.

Sarah and Niall got married this Saturday and asked us to provide the music for their religious ceremony in Frigiliana, Malaga.

Although they live in the UK, they know the Costa del Sol quite well and decided to get married here. They were quite uncertain but very open to suggestions, and in the end we made a selection of pieces with a very classical flavour (Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi…) together with some very typical hymns of the Anglo-Saxon liturgy.

Although we have a very extensive repertoire, we are always open to our partners’ requests. In this case we incorporate these three pieces for wedding music.

«Be Thou My Vision» is a Christian hymn of Irish origin dating from the eighth century. Its lyrics are based on an ancient Irish poem and have been translated into English. The song expresses a deep devotion to God and a petition for Him to be the guide and vision in the life of the believer. The melody is soft and melodic, creating an atmosphere of peace and trust. This song is suitable for a wedding because it reflects the desire for a faith-led life and spiritual commitment between the spouses.

«How Great Thou Art» is a Christian worship hymn composed in Sweden in the 19th century. The lyrics highlight the greatness of God and his creative power in nature and in the redemption of mankind. The melody is powerful and emotional, evoking a sense of reverence and awe. This song is suitable for a wedding because it emphasises God’s greatness and gratitude for his love and care, which can be relevant to a ceremony celebrating the love and union of two people.

«Amazing Grace» is one of the most recognised and loved Christian hymns in the world. It was composed by the poet and clergyman John Newton in the 18th century. The song expresses gratitude for God’s grace and redemption, despite our imperfections and mistakes. The melody is simple and moving, generating a sense of comfort and hope. This song is suitable for a wedding because it speaks of God’s unconditional love and the ability to find forgiveness and renewal, which can be meaningful in a marriage engagement context.

These songs are suitable for a wedding because of their spiritual content, their focus on love and devotion to God, and their ability to evoke positive and reflective emotions. Each conveys a message of faith, gratitude and commitment, which can fit well in a wedding ceremony that celebrates love, togetherness and hope.