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I was born in Malaga, I love arts in general, spending time with my family and friends, gastronomy, travelling and learning new things.

In photography I am self-taught and fortunate to team up with my brother Carlos. Some of the photos you can see here and in my Facebook fanpage are his.

What I dislike the most about myself is an irritating tendency to see flaws that I don't know if matches well with being perfectionist and restless.

I'm also a musician, but that's another story...



My photos tell my preferences: creamy blur, narrative color and moments that matter. As for themes, my interest is focused on reflecting human activities and emotions.

I take the photos I like, and that's my obsession in any session I do. Sometimes I think I spend too much time preparing, shooting, or editing, but when the end result is achieved everything makes sense.

If you want to know more about my day-to-day life or see other photos, I recommend you take a look at my Facebook. You can also see some photos below.

wedding photography

Just a few, but there are many more in the albums I have on my facebook fanpage.

opera photography

The union of many of my passions, undoubtedly the photos that I like to do the most.




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